Silver Perspective

141 N Palmetto Avenue #1133, Eagle, Idaho 83616-9998. (208)695-8192

Supporting the Needs of Senior Citizens, providing them with the information and assitance they need in order to continue living at the Highest Quality of Life possible with Dignity and Respect.

Silver Perspective's priorty is the client. Understanding the dynamics and family needs by identifying the current care problems and needs, while making referrals to the appropriate healthcare services, directing client inquires or complaints, facilitating satisfactory resolutions, explaining polices to the client and assiting them in ALL transitional needs.

Silver Perspective is unique and the Boutique in Healthcare Management. The dedication and commitment to the Clients and their loved ones without doubt will surpass your expectations. Transition is change and change is difficult at any time in our life. The goal and guarantee to you is to build the confidence and the reassurance that this next chapter in your life is quality, comfortable, happy and personalized just for you.